About the Forex market: what it is

Forex – can be called a platform for money trade. This is the international currency market, which gained its existence in 1971. International Trade decided to move from currencies fixing to floating courses. Roughly speaking, Forex is trading in money: you can buy euros for dollars; In the euro you can buy francs and t. P. If it is easier to put the wording, the Forex market, then we can say that, Forex is a special section of the economy specializing in the purchase and sale of currencies.

Today, Forex market is not easy, the global and largest market, but also for many it has become a lifestyle, the main profession and the thinner of income. ¬†Since what allows you to earn money in the foreign exchange market? The fact is that demand and supply, hence the prices for various freely convertible currencies under the influence of all kinds of events in the world (whether it is flood, earthquake or something else) constantly change. This allows for a person in the future, buy a number of banknotes cheaper, and therefore sell it more expensive, “cutting down” some profitable amount. The turnover of trading in the Forex market is not put in any comparison with the turnover of any operations that are taking place in financial banks. And a day is about 1, 5 trillion dollars. Another of the market features is that the market has no specific location. T. It is a huge network of interconnection by means of telecommunications of foreign exchange dillers, located in all basic financial centers and working as a whole.

The main participants in this market include: central banks of the countries of the world, exchanges and brokerage houses, commercial banks, private investors, insurance and investment funds, corporate speculators. It is logical that the main currencies, some of which are performed by various market operations, are the currencies of those countries that have a more developed economy and trade: euro, dollar, pound sterling, Japanese yen. The work of the international currency market does not stop for a minute, unlike other different markets where trade ends at the end of the day, and resumes only in the morning. But in the Forex market there are also its weekends, such as Saturday and Sunday. During the weekend, transactions in the market practically do not occur, but individual operations are performed. The computerization and development of the Internet gave impetus to the development of the huge popularity of this market among “private traders”. And how much can you earn on Forex? The size of your earnings depends only on the ability of the “player” (trader) correctly predict market movements. However, the foreign exchange market is a very complex mechanism, which needs to be very well versed in order to be successful!