Loft in the interior: advantages and features of style

Over the past few years, the loft style in interior design has been one of the most fashionable trends. Having first covered cafes and restaurants, the loft soon spread to apartments, and the famous brick walls were increasingly seen in photos of interior design magazines.

So what is this style?

The interior style of the same name originated in the USA in the middle of the last century and got its name from the word “loft”, which meant the concept of an attic or technical floor in a building.

Enterprising American realtors rented and sold these spaces, hastily converted into housing or office space, to poor fellow citizens of creative professions. As a rule, due to savings, the new owners did not make cosmetic repairs to them, but added comfort and warmth with handy attributes.

Therefore, the new property retained all the characteristic features of an attic: massive wooden beams, brick, a combination of glass and metal. The unique charm of the resulting spaces quickly fell in love with interior designers, and the new style immediately won the hearts of lovers of “cozy modernity.”