Metal doors: how they look, pluses, distinctive features

What does a modern steel door look like? This is, first of all, a profile box made of strong steel with a thickness of at least 2 mm, which is a carrier design of a metal door. But, taking the basis of the customer’s requirements, the thickness can be different. And thanks to a special grill built inside the frame (stiffness ribs), you can not worry about the instability of the door to physical deformations. To create heat and sound permeability inside the frame of the metal door, special fillers are placed. Doors sale . Foam, pine beam, basalt filler or mineral wool can perfectly play this role. Such material, initially, should be environmentally friendly, safe for human health, not have such characteristics as mild ignorance or the allocation of substances dangerous for the human body, and, of course, to perform the functions for which it is determined. Good characteristics, according to experts, differs a self -adhesive seal. Regarding the appearance of the armored door, it must be aesthetic and appropriate interior design. Vinyl with skin, dermantine or plastic-penopus is the highest quality and durable materials, which is best to overtake the door. Elite doors. Nailed around the perimeter of the roller with furniture nails of braid is the most primitive decor option. It can simply be stretched in the middle of the metal door crosswise. But this is not the limit of fantasy? For internal upholstery, in addition to the already mentioned materials, you can use an array of natural wood, chipboard or MDF plates. And if there is a desire, with the help of a foam rubber from the inside, there is an opportunity to achieve even greater sound insulation. It is not worth using wool or felt, since, although these are natural materials, there are all the prerequisites that mole will appear in them. The presence of a lock is also very significant, and best of all, at least two locks. Castles must be of various closing devices, for example, leval and cylinder or pin, which, as experts assure, will make it possible to create maximum safety. Do not want to hack the door, which does not lend itself to any physical onslaught, then it is better not to put the “dog” lock, thanks to which the door can slam at any inappropriate moment for you. Metal grilles openwork.