Boho in the interior: what you need to know, rules and tips

The same wardrobe or chandelier can fit into different styles, and in some interiors you can’t tell whether it’s Scandi or Midcentury, because they successfully combine elements of both.

Boho, also known as boho or bohemian, is the quintessence of eclecticism in the interior, a very maximalist style. This means that it often combines many decorative items, colors and textures. I’ll explain how to harmoniously combine all this in one space.

Boho style has a minimum of rules. There is no limit on the amount of decor. Pinterest, at the request of maximalist boho interior, produces interiors of rooms that are littered with pillows, carpets, and decor of different styles and colors. And all this combines in an amazing way and does not seem kitsch.

To get this effect, you need to be a competent decorator or designer who knows how to combine colors, textures and prints. If you don’t feel these abilities within yourself, stop at two or three decorative elements of each type.