Treatment facilities: what is it, features

Treatment facilities operate qualitatively for the competent development of deep processing of contaminated waters, along with the addition of air. The necessary supplement by air bubbles is artificially. The chemical scheme is very mandatory for the necessary breakdown of the organic matter and its particles in the necessary drains.  

A quick moment of work is shown: water is poured straight into the accepting tank or tank, where their transfusion is completely distributed. The initial flushing from large particles consisting in dirty wastewater also occurs here. We go to the next moment: further, having finished the necessary moments of unpeeled water, it shimmers into the air tank prepared for this case. In it, biological clusters are scattered with active silt, t. e. His oxidation.  

After the necessary repetition of the IL processes, due to the recirculation erlift is submitted to the central stabilizer. An no longer necessary silt (active) as physical accumulation is cleaned in a special. The tank from it is pumped out by an airolift.