Than the thermal curtain is useful: for what purposes are needed?

Thermal curtain is a special way to maintain heat in rooms with a large human stream. As one of the examples, you can cite department stores – the flow of buyers is simply huge, the doors are constantly opening, in fact, they are constantly open.

Under such conditions, the traditional system of heating of the premises (water heating) is simply not able to maintain the necessary air temperature indoors, especially if there is severe frost on the street or, conversely, severe heat. In such cases, air heat curtains are used.

The industrial thermal curtain used in rooms where there are open door and window openings is widely used and it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature regime.

The thermal curtain is an air flow generated by special thermal curtains located near the entrance to the room and directed perpendicular to the movement of the human stream. Thus, “cutting off” cold air from the street is carried out and thanks to this the room is maintained in the room at a minimum of costs.

Today, industry produces a variety of thermal curtains, the sale of which is rapidly gaining volumes. According to the method of heating, they can be divided into electric heat curtains and water thermal curtains, depending on the type of air heater – electric or water.

For example, the thermal curtain of the tropic produced in Russia and developed on the basis of an electric heating element is represented by several models – from models with exquisite design for installation in rooms with increased design requirements to super -powerful purposes used for premises with almost constantly open doors.