The history of the appearance of the Provence style in the interior

The Provence style first appeared in France. Only several centuries later it began to actively spread to different parts of the world. Suitable for decorating country houses, cottages and standard apartments. Reflects the customs of residents, their traditions and way of life.

The main features of the Provence style

Home interior design requires special attention. One incorrect installation of decor or the wrong furniture can ruin everything. Therefore, it is advisable to study the main features of this style:

  1. The interior decoration is made strictly from natural materials: stone, wood, metal.
  2. The shades are predominantly light, with small floral splashes.
  3. The finished furnishings resemble those aged or slightly faded from constant sun.
  4. Vintage furniture is a must-have detail in a Provence interior.
  5. A large number of indoor plants are welcome. It is allowed to use weaving thickets.
  6. Ruffles, cutwork, and lace are used as decorations. Such accessories should be on curtains or translucent tulles.
  7. It is acceptable to use handmade items as decoration. Only Hand-made suits the Provence style.
  8. By the way, there will be forged elements. Monograms on railings, headboards and chairs are made using the metal bending technique.
  9. Shelves and racks are filled with accessories and remain open. It is customary to store porcelain dishes in niches built into the wall.
  10. Large windows and volumetric lamps create maximum illumination in the room. This point must not be overlooked. As additional lighting, you can use unusual lamps in the shape of flower bouquets.