Gravel: what kind of building material is it, why is it needed

Gravel is called such a rock that was formed due to the destruction of rocks. However, it is not necessary that the gravel will be from rocks. It also happens both river or sea.

However, nevertheless, the most valuable type of gravel is rightfully considered its mountain version. Such gravel has not a smooth, but a slightly rough surface, but also it is not clean, but has some impurities of sand, albeit in small quantities.

If you need pure gravel, it is better to ask and purchase a river or sea look, however, you should not think that the rough surface is worse than smooth. If you look at this from a construction point of view, then roughness is even better, since it provides a much more reliable grip of gravel with a solution in concrete. As a rule, gravel has the size of 5 to 70 mm, larger forms can already be called small cobblestones.

Gravel is mainly used in construction in concrete kneads, as well as as a decorative decoration in the garden or simply on a land plot in the yard. The use of it began many, many years ago and still continues on a wide scale not only on the territory of our country, but also in other states.