Interior design: Reflection of the philosophy of the life of the inhabitants of the house

For hundreds of years, under the influence of cultures, artistic styles, customs, scientific inventions and even climate, the formation of ways of designing and decorating the internal space of houses for different nations.

The modern interior design allows you to be more courageous in choosing styles and provides each person with the opportunity to be guided by when choosing his personal preferences and taste.

Interior design: order or create yourself

What feelings do we experience when we see a photo of a repaired apartment and compare it with the one in which we live. Of course, it is impossible to determine the quality and volume of work done on plaster, painting, installation of electric wiring, pouring the floor only from the photo repair of apartments. But even a photo of someone else’s updated interior can make us take the first steps towards the improvement of our own nest. Often such a desire, not supported by financially, can turn into a disaster in terms of buying such necessary building materials, design items, without which the conceived look will not acquire the type that was planned when conception of the project. If after that you have come to an impasse, then do not be upset, because there are masses of the studio and the interior design bureau that not only can graphically display what you have carried in your head and constantly changed, but also provide services in the transfer of the created interior in The scale of your living space. They will also help to navigate in the widest assortment of building and finishing materials, plumbing and even household appliances. Some of these companies submit a report on current work using a photo of the apartment repair. So you will constantly be aware of what amount of work is done at the moment, respectively, you can make adjustments at your request without being distracted from work or other important cases. The only disadvantage of such services is their high cost, which, under certain conditions, can be comparable to the cost of repair work at your facility.

If you clearly imagine what your apartment, cottage, mansion, office will look like, then the interior design will cost you as expensive as you paid for the so -called “author’s work” when the designer creates a unique and unique interior applicable only to your room. Such work is paid at the rate of 1 square meter and often only a computer layout can cost more than one thousand dollars. Is it worth it to pay for this, if your bank account allows you to use such services, then you often deprive yourself of a “headache” related to repair. Often the idea of ​​repairing or changing the interior of their own home comes to mind not only after watching a photograph of the repair of other people’s apartments, but also after what they saw in the magazines dedicated to the arrangement of houses and apartments. Interested in any design, people go to construction companies or private design agencies specializing in repair and, showing the interior they like, they ask him to transfer it to the proportion of their living space. This approach is acceptable for most people, as it greatly facilitates the payment statement, excluding from there the development of interior design as such.