Which tool to choose for home use and repair?

For repairs, construction and simply maintenance of a private home, I keep a whole set of different tools in my workshop. Common hand tools, such as a hacksaw and hammer, and power tools are also used in the household.

In this review, I will tell you what the most necessary tools for the home should be purchased, what types they are divided into and what their purpose is, as well as what criteria to consider when choosing them.

For those who live in their own home, I think it is hardly worth reminding them of the need to have a certain set of tools in their arsenal. Since there is always enough work to do around the house, not to mention when something needs to be built or repaired. In this case, the procedures have to be performed in a variety of ways.

Moreover, most of these devices are hand tools. And in order to better understand them, you should consider them according to their intended purpose according to the following classification:

Carpentry and metalworking – saws, hacksaws, planes, chisels, axes, knives, cutters. Designed for a wide range of metalworking and carpentry operations.

Pliers – pliers, wire cutters, pliers, scissors, side cutters. Used for cutting and fixing workpieces and materials.

Impact lever – sledgehammers, hammers, mallets, crowbars, nail pullers, picks. Used for crushing, hammering, pulling out, upholstering, shaping.

Clamping – vice, clamps, clamps. Designed for fixing material and parts during processing.

Screwdrivers – used for mounting and dismantling screws and self-tapping screws. They are divided into flat, cross-shaped and reversible.

Wrenches – used to work with pipes, bolts and nuts. They are classified into pipe, nut, adjustable, combined.

Plastering – scrapers, spatulas, rules, graters. Used for applying and leveling plasters.

Painting tools – brushes, rollers, mixers. Designed for applying paints and varnishes.

Measuring – tape measures, rulers, rangefinders, levels, scales. Allows you to accurately measure various physical quantities.

Specialized – glue and foam guns, pipe cutters, etc.