Expanded clay: what kind of building material, why is needed

What is expanded clay? Ceramzitis is called porous building material, which is formed due to the firing of specialized fragrant clay. Ceramzit can be of different densities, which depends directly on the mode of clay processing and some other no less important factors.

As a rule, the standard expanded clay has a density of 200 to 400 kilograms per cubic meter. Expanded clay, in itself, a very good insulation. It is mainly used in concrete, kneaded crushed stone.

Keramzit is a light building material, so for its kneading in the solution you do not need to use a lot of effort. There is expanded clay, which is made in the form of sand, however, such a variety in our country has not received proper distribution.

If someone did not see what expanded clay looks like, it should be noted that its shape is made in the form of oval and round granules, which have pores inside, thanks to which such high thermal insulation indicators are provided. Keramzit was widespread in our country in such sectors of activity as hydroponics and agriculture, in other industries it is less popular, however, this does not mean that its use will decrease.