Fusion style home decorating ideas and tips

Fusion style in the interior is a variation of all strict modern trends. This solution replaces minimalism and constructivism. By decorating rooms in this style, you don’t have to limit your imagination.

Here it is allowed to use different textures, colors, and experiment with decoration.

Characteristic features and shades of the palette
The fusion interior is based on several main characteristics:

  • simplicity;
  • harmony;
  • taste;
  • measure.

An interior solution is considered purely decorative, so trying to implement it yourself is extremely unwise. It is advisable to involve specialists if there are no skills.

When organizing an interior, you must be able to combine intricate shapes with simple ones, unusual details of the set with options that have the correct geometric shape. Despite the proximity of so many different details, it is important to be able to fit them “harmoniously” into the environment.