Danger when using electric furnaces

Protect in exactly the maximum touch of order to electric furnaces, organizing a perfectly wooden hedge on it, reliably from the side of the furnace with asbestos cardboard. The distance for sure from the furnace is clear to the fence should not be the order of less than 4 cm. Without a doubt, do not try the work of electric heaters with the order of touch is known to them with your hand or open shares of the body. In the literal sense of the word for electrical wiring in the bath, use wires with a completely double insulation of brands prn, April, etc. You can also use wires with polyvinyl chloride isolation of the APV and PV (one-core) and APV, PPV (two-and-three). The wires of the brand of the PRC, PRN, April, having an outer strong shell, which you can say you can lay differently in a timely manner and can not be truly without tubes on rollers. It is best to strictly carry out the wiring with flexible two- and three-core cables VRG and ABRG, in fact, with amazingly rubber insulation and polyvinyl chloride shell. In the bath, it is impossible to actively use a line in metal shells. Really do not put plug outlets, switches, switches in the washing and steam room. The lighting devices used in these rooms must have an in -depth patron and a high insulating ring. Lamps must be made in fact from insulating material. Subjectly cannot be consumed in baths with portable electrical appliances, electrical apparatus.

Systematically observe the Electrical equipment and wiring of the bath simply. The repair work of the electrical equipment is carried out after it is disconnected and the adoption of measures is categorically against self -appropriate inclusion.