Plywood: what kind of finishing material, pluses

The plywood is called such a building material that turns out by multilayer gluing veneer. In the manufacture of plywood, most often use an odd number of layers of veneer, as a rule, it is either 3 or 5 layers, in rare cases from 7 or more. The production of plywood in Russia is growing every year, the amount of wood is also increasing also increases.

However, if earlier the tree was simply cut and sent abroad, now the processing of wood began to appear in our country. Plywood is divided into 4 varieties. 1 variety is the highest and most high quality, 4 – the lowest quality.

Plywood 4 varieties can have quite serious defects, such as the fallen knots, the damaged edge of the sheet, etc. D. The dimensions of the plywood produced in Russia are very diverse and start from 1525×1525 mm and end at around 3050×1525 mm. Also classification of the type of plywood occurs according to wood, from which it is made. Most often, plywood in our country is made of birch and coniferous trees.

From plywood in many houses they make ceilings, as it comes out much cheaper than other building materials for such purposes and objectives.