Tips for choosing materials for interior decoration of houses

The house is built, and what seems to be a small thing left is to complete the interior decoration and the furniture can be brought in. But to order the right finish, you need to know the rules for combining and using basic materials.

Basic finishing rules

Despite the fact that the stage of finishing work itself begins at the end of construction, it is advisable to plan what materials for the interior decoration of the walls of the house will be used, and in what quality, from the very beginning. In addition, we must take into account that the department itself is divided into start and finish. This means that even before choosing, for example, wallpaper, you will need to finish the walls with putty or sheets of drywall.

The first method is called “dry”, the second – “wet” (because the putty requires working with water). In any case, preliminary work is carried out:

  1. The walls are first removed as much as possible from unnecessary elements (screws, extra guides), the rust is burned off, old elements (if any) are also removed.
  2. The walls are degreased and treated additionally if necessary (for example, impregnated with a fire-resistant compound or treated against fungus).

Which method to choose depends on the availability of time and money. “Dry” will also require plaster, which will be applied over the drywall, but rather in one layer.