Wooden bath in the interior: Dignity of application

In the past and the century before last, our ancestors bathed exclusively in wooden barrels. And it was an honorary lesson, because few could afford such a pleasure. Other people had lakes and rivers a place for washing.

And today, the past is returning wooden bathroom. Even if the house has a jacuzzi when you see such a bath, you want to buy the same for yourself.

They say that they have a certain magical property that makes them and such a degree in demand and popular. Do not worry that the water will destroy the tree. This is far from the case.

Examples of a successful tandem of water and wood are wooden baths, obstacles for water flow and ships. In order to improve the property of the used wood, special compositions are used.

Thanks to special processing, the material is very durable. The quality of wood baths resemble yachts or boats. As for the wood species for the manufacture of baths, there is a larch, mahagon, wenge and tick tree used.

They are as stable as possible. Bath wood processing is unique, because, unlike the processing of ships, it should be environmentally friendly.

As for the design use of a wooden bath in the interior, it is perfectly watching minimalism. It can be a compact small rectangular bathroom or boat. The bathroom can be located on the catwalk.