Installation of a plastic drainage system

The qualified installation of plastic systems of the drain provides timely and high -quality removal of rain and melt water from the surface of the roof. Additionally, the design protects the foundation, base and lower parts of the facade finish from penetration and destructive exposure to excess moisture. Properly selected and installed nodes serve as a spectacular continuation of the general stylistic concept in the exterior of the house.

Completion and properties

The combination of compatible functional elements gives the optimal working characteristics to the plastic drainage systems. The installation set necessarily includes:

horizontal gutter (suspended or wall);

vertically mounted pipes;

shaped elements (connecting couplings, plugs, knees);


Draction funnels.

Modern PVC brands have increased resistance to heterogeneous negative influences, and their use is not accompanied by corrosion processes. The assembly and fastening of the gutters of this category are light and technological simplicity. For about 50 years, plastic is able to maintain the original operational and aesthetic qualities.

Installation methods

Ground. The assembly of the system is carried out in a horizontal position on the work site, after which it is attached around the perimeter of the building to the brackets established in terms of level. The technology is designed for arranging small houses.

Phased. Structural nodes in turn, from top to bottom, are collected directly at the installation sites. The process begins with the installation of brackets.