Installing a new kitchen set with your own hands

For any housewife, the installation of a new kitchen set is a great joy and an entire event. After all, it is in the kitchen that the whole family spends most of the free time, guests, relatives and friends gather here.

That is why it is desirable that the specialist in this area be engaged in the installation of the kitchen. If you have decided to put the kitchen with your own hands, without the help of the master, then we advise you to adhere to the following instructions.

The installation will be needed: a drill, a screwdriver, fasteners of the headset elements in accordance with the drawing.

1. The main advice is for those who collect the kitchen set – no haste. It is better to double -check yourself several times than to redo everything. It is necessary to free up the place for assembly. The design of the apron of ceramic tiles or wall decoration with panels is made exclusively before the assembly of furniture.

2. The assembly of the kitchen begins with the lower box on the side, where the sink is usually located. Then you need to assemble a number of cabinets completely. The upper row of boxes must also start to be assembled from the side cabinet.

3. When the furniture is collected, you need to install a sink and a countertop. The countertop must be connected to the lower boxes. For washing, the hob will have to be ragged. You should think in advance where the oven, gas stove, dishwasher will be located. Electric wires will be required to work these devices.

4. Now let’s think about the last strokes. Stoppers are installed on the doors and boxes and fix it in their places in the headset. Then hang pens, legs, various accessories, sides in the hob area (this will ensure the safety of children in the kitchen).

Thus, we collected a headset and the kitchen is ready for operation and reception of guests. Do not forget about the walls. It is recommended to decorate them with a variety of interior details. Some kitchen accessories can also be hung so that they do not take a place on the countertop.

If you previously collected furniture, have the experience of a carpenter, an electrician, plumbing, as well as the necessary tools in stock, then to assemble a kitchen set will not be very difficult. Thanks to independent installation, you can save a lot of money. In addition, during the assembly process and according to the results of work, you will get a lot of pleasant and joyful impressions. The kitchen can be assembled by the whole family.