What is repairs: why is it needed, how to organize correctly

For some, this is a natural disaster, for others these are just changes in life, and others are just tired of living in ruins. For me personally, repairs are a state of mind. I live them. I’ve been repairing apartments in Dnepropetrovsk for ten years now. A lot of.

Starting the repair, each person asks the question of how long all this will last? And how expensive it will cost them? It all depends on the flight of your imagination, what you want and how much you want.

What repair costs are waiting for you

Repair costs include not only the cost of building materials and payment for the work of masters. There are also many concomitant expenses. For example, cargo transportation, services of designers, various kinds of projects, removal of construction waste and much more. All this needs to be prepared.

In this article, I want to help you deal with all this and teach you where and how to save so that the quality of your repair is not affected.

We save on repairs

First, do not try to save on the detriment of the payment of masters. This will pour you at least in repeated renovation of years in a couple. As they say, greedy pays twice. Each master knows his own price. When choosing the masters, take into account the fact that the more work you offer one master, the more he is ready to give you a discount. Do not look separately masons, carpenters, plasters. It makes sense to take one brigade (person 3-4) that will make you repairs in full.

Secondly, you can not save on the building of materials badly. Instead of advertised manufacturers of building materials, you can use less well -known ones that are not much inferior in quality, but for that is much cheaper in price.

Of course, you should not use very cheap materials. There is always a golden middle.

The search for this middle is better to entrust the masters, they will consult you that and where you can buy cheaper.

If you already have a very meager budget for repairs, you can take part. For example, dismantling. Break, do not build. This will save you 10-20% of the cost of repair.