Plaster: where it is used, the characteristics of the material

Plaster has been used by humanity for a long time. But modern industry offers us a plaster, which is strikingly different from the plaster of the past, because it not only includes various impurities and polymers, but also serves much longer, looks more aesthetic and costs cheaper than the analogues of the past. Modern plaster can have any color-from dirty gray to pure white.

In order not to resort to staining the plastered surface, you can include a knight that will give the plaster the necessary shade. Now plaster is available to everyone, sold in any construction stores in the form of a dry or finished mixture.

Plaster is used for both internal and external work, it is suitable for applying to any surface. The method of preparing the surface before plaster work depends on the type of material used – so, for plastering of the wooden wall, Drange is used, and for plastering brick – notes and metal network.

Plaster is both decorative, not requiring further finishing, and black, which will later have to be finished with any other material (wallpaper, paint, tiles, etc. D.).