Pugnp cable: what is it, the advantages of application

The wire installation flexible PUGNP is used to install fixed household lighting networks and conducts alternating current with a voltage of up to 250 V with a frequency of about 50 Hz. Can be used to attach low -current domestic devices and installation of thermocouple. Consists of 2 or three copper cores, a brand with aluminum residential can also be produced. The veins are multi-wire, placed in the wire in parallel, covered with insulation from PVC plasticity. On top of the wire is covered with a protective shell made of polyvinyl chloride plastic. The PUGNP wire does not support and does not spread combustion and can be used in wooden structures. The life is up to 15 years, while it can be used at a temperature of -50 ° C and not higher than +70 ° C.