Wooden wall panels: what are

The nobility of natural wood is still attracting people and many, starting to decorate the room, try to use the tree as the facing material of the walls, floor and ceiling. Wooden wall panels are able to decorate any housing, turn an ordinary apartment in a high -rise building into a country mansion. Wall wooden panels are mounted, like any other panels, on a wooden crate located perpendicular to the wall panel. The trick of the installation of wall panels made of wood is hidden fixation: in the end of the panel at an angle of 65? The hole under the screw is drilled, then a drill with a diameter of a slightly larger self -cuting hat is removed that the screw head is completely immersed in the wood.

After the installation of mounting holes, the self -tapping screw is twisted and the next panel begins to be mounted. Since wood is considered fire hazard, in addition, it is subject to decay and contributes to the formation of the fungus and mold, after the installation of the panel, it is necessary to cover with a special fire-resistant coating, as well as impregnated with an antiseptic and only then begin to decorate with vapid-color materials. Unlike a conventional lining that does not have the ability to hide fastening, the wall panels give the room a magnificent view.