Japanese bath: what is, features

The Japanese is a kind of family special bath room, they are still washing and soaring – Furo. Such a special bath room was born, they are still washed and soar is extremely long ago. Really according to Buddhist laws, in Japan it was forbidden to mint soap (for this we need to immediately kill animals), because the Japanese washed in extremely hot water. The wet atmosphere of Japan also argued that in winter people could not be otherwise three times a week visited the bath with open text with hot water.

The wagon was arranged in a hefty quite wooden barrel in other words with hot water. Crumpeted the barrel placed the seat. Undoubtedly, a man sat in it reclining, plunging all the peritations, with the exception of the testicles, in hot water. It was necessary to take a kind of bath, putting on in other words on the head a perfectly wet hat moistened in cold water. This barrel was placed on the stove. Were in hot water for a short time, near 5 minutes. Then they performed massage. For this, hard mittens definitely sang. After the massage session, leisure wiped and wiped into an unusually warm robe of the rest for rest for rest. Then the truth was wrapped in fairly warm blankets to strengthen sweating and had to be now on the couch.

The current Japanese special bathhouse, even so they wash and soar, is called Santo. Santo’s excursion is a general pleasure and aesthetic huge pleasure without any for the Japanese. Like everyone in Japan, a special bathhouse, even soars and soar, has an unusually picturesque and outlandish look. In essence, perfectly artificial cliffs, and a little waterfalls are checked on the walls.

She represents the face of her shallow artificial reservoir, built of course for swimming, bathing, for genuinely decorative purposes in essence with running hot water, what is the say for 5-six people. The water temperature reaches 50 ° C. Water in the pool is systematically replaced. Exactly before the adoption of the bath, they are washed in a fenced neighboring room, in fact sitting reliably on completely wooden grilles unequivocally on the floor. There can be no souls of two opinions. Without a doubt, soaping and directly rubbing the body are accompanied by periodic dousing with water.