Why is it necessary to choose marquises: why are they needed

Many people think that the marquis is an ordinary fabric that is stretched over metal tubes, but this is not so. At least at first glance it seems that the design of the marquise is simple, and they can be done so to speak “on the knee” and at the same time use the materials that came to hand, it is practically impossible to make them. And if anything happens, you will not be happy from the low quality of the finished product.

Several arguments in favor of choosing marquises

If it is hot in your house in the summer, since the sun’s rays get into the house almost all day, then you can purchase air conditioning, but then you still have to pay not only for the air conditioning itself, but also paying bills for electricity every month than it was earlier than before , as well as pay for the service of the air conditioner and its refueling.

Also one of the unpleasant moments when using the air conditioner, your house will not have a very comfortable microclimate. Of course you can use roller shutters or ordinary curtains, but alas, this will not help much, since the sun will still penetrate the room. Vertical marquises in this situation will be an excellent exit. It is possible to use marquises all year round, they can decorate not only your house, but also the entrance to some cafes, guests, as well as restaurants.