Already decided which kitchen to choose, tips on the selection

Designers performed the interior of their own kitchen brightly individually, uniting modern technological items with original furniture from the “past”. The old buffet was divided in half, painted, still “aged” and covered with wax. The lower part of it is closed by the countertop, and the upper one is raised to a height sufficient to install the hood. Apron between them and the area of ​​the wall by the window are trimmed with color textured plaster.

Everything in this spacious kitchen-dining room, at first glance, is simple and practical. Kitchen with suspended cabinets, stove and hood are located along one of the walls, the sink is allocated in the niche under the windows. And in the middle there is a large dining table. At the same time, there is a stable feeling of unusual, “fairy tale” or game. It is created by an unusual set of furniture, and a forged chandelier-car-car, and a “chess” floor. Not the last role in creating a festive atmosphere is played by a coloristic solution-the contrast of white and raspberry-red colors.

Combine the kitchen, dining room and living room in one spacious room – this was the desire of customers, a seed pair, a leading orphanage of twenty children. It should have been their personal premises and a place where pupils and staff could easily be accommodated. A slab with a cutting table was installed autonomously, so that there was a place for active young assistants nearby.

A glass countertop raised above the working surface on inclined legs turns the table into a bar counter. And built -in household appliances are safe for children and convenient for adults.

One of the two rooms in the apartment of a young man is occupied by a kitchen-dining room combined with the living room. The layout is rational: on the one hand – a kitchen, on the other – a guest zone with a sofa and TV. Opposite the window there is a round table with a glass of a countertop: it can be extended by increasing the number of “seats”. High cabinets for the refrigerator and microwave are separate.

From the side of the living room they are not visible. In sight, only the “light” part of the kitchen is the lower base with a hob and cabinets with glass doors. The color scheme is based on the contrast of white with dark tones. A few accessories are selected in accordance with the main color scheme.