What is a rounded log and its advantages

This is a building material with a circular cross-section of the same diameter along the entire length of the cane, made from a single tree trunk. It is milled on special machines, achieving an almost ideal circle shape along its entire length. Another profile is possible depending on the devices used in the processing process.

A semicircular recess is made from below for better installation of the crowns of the log house. After rounding, the semi-finished product is impregnated with an aqueous antiseptic solution, which clogs the pores of the wood and prevents the appearance of fungus, mold and rotting products.

A house made from rounded logs turns out to be aesthetically beautiful, environmentally friendly, with a natural microclimate (it “breathes”). The material has good thermal insulation properties. The walls are built according to a well-established method; the light weight allows the foundation of any structure to be made.

However, with natural drying, it takes time for the crowns of the log house to shrink. This process may be accompanied by shape deformation and the appearance of cracks. Increased fire hazard requires compliance with safety measures.

Advantages and disadvantages

Excellent aesthetic appearance, environmental friendliness, optimal microclimate, good thermal insulation, ease of installation

The need for shrinkage, possible deformations and cracks, fire hazard of the material, the need for treatment against insects and microorganisms