Use of profiled timber in construction

It is made from solid wood, mainly coniferous species (pine or spruce, less often larch and cedar). The shape of the sides can be either flat or semicircular-convex.

The top and bottom are made according to a special “groove-tenon” profile for better fit into the log house.

This system provides a tight connection, increasing the thermal insulation and strength of the structure. The material is relatively inexpensive. Natural environmental friendliness ensures an optimal indoor microclimate and excellent sound insulation. But it takes time for shrinkage in case of natural drying of wood.

Natural material is susceptible to infection by harmful microorganisms and insects. Therefore, it must be treated with antiseptics. Wood is a flammable substance and requires strict compliance with fire safety measures. The tightness of the bars depends on the accuracy of the profile manufacturing. Products dried in chambers are more expensive. However, walls made of this material do not have to be finished: their natural appearance is in itself. Construction is easy to install, especially if a professional team of builders is involved.