How to insulate a hinged balcony: methods, stages

In conditions of strict savings of each square meter of the apartment, insulation of the balcony or loggia is the opportunity to get additional useful area with minimal costs. This solution allows you to convert the room, create a winter greenhouse in it, a study or a children’s room. What building materials are used for this? What is the difference between the insulation of the loggia and the balcony.

Balconies and loggias

The balcony is an unchanged functional part of our apartment. There you can store old things, conservation or just relax. Having insulated the balcony or loggia, you can noticeably increase the residential territory of your apartment and equip the balcony of the office, gym or mini-sardian. Insulation is carried out in several stages.

First you need to glaze the balcony and install high -quality double -glazed windows.