What are the advantages and features of natural parquet

Durability, wear resistance, environmental safety and excellent sound insulation of natural parquet coating helped him gain unprecedented popularity among other flooring.

Natural parquet will help your house be more comfortable and comfortable, and there is no need to talk about the decorative component. However, all the positive qualities and characteristics of natural parquet “come to naught” if it is not right, so this process should be treated creatively.

Here are a few questions that you need to answer, almost every consumer, when choosing a real natural parquet:

What needs to be paid to the purchase of a high -quality parquet floor? From which wood to choose a natural parquet floor? In what ways it is recommended to lay natural parquet? How to choose the right ornament when laying a natural parquet? There are a sufficient number of secrets, when acquiring a parquet coating to which you need to pay close attention. Let’s try to figure out in order with these important questions of the device of natural parquet coating.

Natural parquet floor can be made of parquet boards, mosaic, piece, as well as shield. For the installation of a real parquet coating, there is an oak, maple, bamboo, beech, ash and other wooden breeds. Of course, one of the most widespread wood to perform a good parquet floor in our country is an oak. High -quality oak parquet distinguishes a wonderful appearance, high strength, durability, and, of course, good wear resistance.

Also, high -quality beech parquet floor is very popular. A natural beech parquet floor has a calm, light shade, easy to work. Now the Grabus has become very fashionable, having increased moisture resistance, acceptable cost, as well as a high margin of safety.

The most common ornaments of natural parquet devices are: deck, vietnamese or Christmas tree. Also, in addition to the above drawings, it is applied to much more rare artistic styling of the parquet. To perform the installation of parquet with this method, a preliminary sketch is first created, which reflects both the decoration elements of natural parquet and a detailed way to lay this floor covering.

So what can you prefer a way of installing a natural parquet coating? There is always a real decision for you. In the final result, almost everything will depend on what exactly you need to get. But what is required to be noted: you will not be able to do without professional masters, due to the fact that the manufacture and laying of natural parquet is not only a very responsible, but also quite complicated and time-consuming.