Coal and solid fuel boilers master

Solid fuel boiler Barin allows you to forget about the supply of fuel for 10 days! After you fill it with coal, you will only need to remove the ash. Convenient, is it not true?

Automatic boilers of the master are equipped with an electronic control unit. On the unit are the temperature control buttons, adjusting the combustion temperature, depending on the air temperature. The coal supply timer is also tuned there.

The advantages of boilers are the master

The ceramic chamber of flame gases with a very high temperature leaves all the heat in the pipe, releasing safe white smoke into the air. There are no harmful emissions to the atmosphere, which means that the site remains clean and with fresh air;

Self -cleaning water -filled grates;

Automatic work even on a coal of a fraction up to 50 mm;

It works even when the electricity is turned off in manual mode;

Thermal insulation throughout the body.

Boilers are different 18, 30, 45, 60, 80, 100 kW. The most powerful of them can heat up are up to 2500 m³. And do not require constant supervision!