Armored metal doors: is it worth it to install

Everyone, when he buys an apartment, certainly plans to make good repair and install reliable metal doors. Because a sense of security is the most important of the aspects of life for every person.

The consciousness of what is reliably protected and our property is also important. The most reliable external doors at the moment are armored metal doors. The modern market offers a wide selection of doors that can be decorated and made for every taste, and also have the most different price.

Armored doors are used both as outer doors and as the entrance doors of the apartment. Armored metal doors are performed in any design depending on the imagination, requirements and wishes of the customer. The modern market for metal doors can offer a huge number of options for decoration of the product: powder painting and painting nitroemal, anti -vandal film and plastic, graphite painting and vinylska, MDF panel and phylenka.

You should not lose sight of the fact that for armored metal doors that are installed outside the building, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of the finishing material. It is the appearance of the entrance doors that will depend the first impression that your home will have on the guests.

Surely you have already noticed that in recent years our life reality has changed a lot? The number of different robberies and thefts has increased very much, as evidenced by the media. And today, the awareness of the fact that only some plywood separates you from the hostile outside world – an additional occasion for stress. To be able to get rid of it, you just need to install reliable armored metal doors.

So what is a standard metal door? These are two sheets of metal, which are fastened with a frame of metal rolling – as a rule, it is a square pipe. In the interlisted space there are stiffeners – the same square steel pipes that are located vertically or horizontally. The rest of the space that remains free is filled with any material that can improve sound insulation and thermal insulation.

Do you know the reason that the standard entrance doors to the apartments are very flimsy and always open inward? This is because back in the 70s, at a time when the relevant building codes and rules were developed, some very bright head made a proposal: if a fire occurs in the house, valiant Soviet firefighters must be able to demolish the door with a powerful blow to the booth from loops to save inhabitants. Since then, these doors are traditionally and today are placed in new houses.