Counters, kiosks shops: how to decorate, make an unusual decor

When creating the interior of the store, at the design stage, it is necessary to think over solutions by which information about the goods will be conveyed to buyers most impressive and understandable. A thoughtful solid design of the interior of the store contributes to the most comfortable stay in it of employees and visitors. And, therefore, an increase in the volume of sales of the shelves is an important element of the interior of the trading floor, especially for stores with a traditional form of service “through the counter”.

The shelves – the type of trading furniture, which is most often used in the design of trading halls, and are an important element in its interior. There are various buildings for trading. Glass shelves are made of insignificant glass, which allows them to withstand very serious loads and serve not only as the location of the goods, but also as an advertisement for the interior. Customer shelves are not only an integral part of the interior of the sales point, but also an effective and effective way to install advertising inside the store.   Trading kiosks developed by the specialists of our enterprise successfully combine a large space for laying out goods of various purposes, as well as a capacious warehouse inside a kiosk, a sales zone with the placement of the cash register and safe, and ventilation of the internal space is provided. The products take into account the convenient height for the buyer, adjustable viewing shelves of various groups of goods, windows of showcases, places for advertising posters and light advertising of the proposed products.   Our company offers the manufacture, delivery and installation of trading kiosks of any size and forms. The combination of modern materials as a decor and augmentation distinguish the offered products inside any room, they are not only a bright retail outlet, but also a decoration of any trading floor. The kiosks performed on an individual project meet all modern requirements.