High-Tex style: distinguishing interior design features

The concept of “high-tech” appeared in the UK in the mid-70s of the last century. However, the style that we now call high-tech appeared almost 40 years earlier and at first was called rationalism.  At different times, the attitude to this style was different – from delight to complete rejection and oblivion. Now the Hi-Tex style in the design of the interiors is again popular, especially in the design of modern apartments.

Translated from English high-tech means “high technologies” and this is what serves as a kind of core of this style. High-tech interior looks in a special way and contradicts traditional ideas about beauty. The use of gross materials such as concrete and metal structures in addition to elegant chrome surfaces, glass and glossy plastic make this interior truly special. Much attention is paid to the functionality of objects and the use of what is really necessary in the interior-nothing that simply cluttering the space and does not perform any function in this interior.

If you try to characterize the high-tech style in a few words, then we can say that it is modern, extravagant, a little daring, but very convenient.