Two -tariff electricity meter: what is it like calculating the testimony

All power plants operate in two modes, peak and lowered. The main peak of energy consumption occurs in the morning of C7 to 110 hours, (almost all enterprises begin their work at this time) and the evening from 19 to 23 hours. (At this time, most people return home and include household electrical appliances). But at night, electricity consumption is very sharply reduced. Such an unstable schedule of work, negatively affects the durability of the equipment of power plants, on the repair of which huge funds are spent.

In order for energy consumption to be uniform during the day and a decrease in harmful emissions into the environment and introduced night tariffs for electricity consumption. In most European countries, the practice of double tariffs has long been the norm. Night tariffs for electricity consumption are much cheaper. This brings significant savings in the family budget – this is an important argument, in favor of the decision to establish a two -tariff meter of electricity. Take, for example, a refrigerator, it works, around the clock and consumes about a quarter of all electricity. By installing a two -tariff electricity meter, you will reduce the cost of its operation by about half.

By installing a two-tariff meter of electricity, you can save 30-50% of your means. What is the difference between a two -tariff counter and a conventional one -tree meter? The two -tariff counter has an additional economical tariff (night), it operates from 23: 00 pm to 7: 00 in the morning, on holidays and weekends. Switching from one tariff to another tariff, is automatically performed.

A little statistics and numbers.

Let’s try, in real numbers to calculate possible savings from using a two -tariff meter of electricity. Suppose your tariff for payment of electricity in the daytime is 24kop. per kilowatts (this is the average price in Ukraine). Then the night tariff for consumed electricity is 10 kop. per kilowatts. On the face the difference in price is more than double.

Having installed a two -tariff meter of electricity, it remains only to learn how to use electrical equipment correctly.  Wash, wash the dishes in the dishwasher, heat water, you need after 23: 00, when the night tariff comes into force. Especially strong, you feel the difference in winter, unless of course you use electricity to heat the room. Usually all these heaters, as a rule, basically people turn on in the evening that it was warm to sleep. But on weekends and holidays in general, expanse.