A chest of drawers that can become an interior partition

As you know, not all functional and convenient objects are complex constructions and mechanisms – often much more is hidden behind a simple form and content than can be assumed at first glance. It was something like this with a chest of drawers that looked more like a bunch of logs.

Today I want to show you another interesting piece of furniture, which outwardly does not look too remarkable, but can perform several functions at once.

In its functionality, this is most likely a chest of drawers, but due to the small height and rounded forms, it can also perform the functions of the table. However, this is not all – the creators of this chest of drawers conceived it with one more purpose, namely, to serve as a kind of interior partition, with the help of which you can divide the space of a large room into various zones. The use of a chest of drawers as a partition became possible due to the fact that its boxes can be advanced both in one and the other. Due to the neutral appearance, this piece of furniture fits perfectly into any space regardless of how the design of its interior is designed.