Wall for the apartment: how to choose what to take into account

Few, purchasing an apartment or house, does not think about which wall to buy. And this is not surprising, since the wall is one of the most multifunctional acquisitions in the apartment. The wall contains shelves for clothes, a place for dishes, a small bar. And if we also take into account the number of space that it takes in the apartment, it is not surprising that the issue of choice is not simple and responsible. The first walls in our country began to appear in the 1970s. They did not have to wait long for their buyers. People immediately appreciated their dignity. Today the walls are most diverse both in size and functionality. There are walls for the living room, children’s room, hallways.

The base of the wall is a certain number of sections that are moved close to each other. These sections or as modules call them, there are single or double (in width). How to decide how length the wall is? The decisive will be the following. Firstly, your budget. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to purchase what you want. Secondly, the goal for which you acquire it. What will you store in it, and how much space does it occupy.

Each wall element has its own purpose. Depending on the original purpose of the purpose, the wall sections are divided into: television modules, for dishes. Also sections for bar, cabinets, mezzanines, etc.

Now let’s talk in more detail about the choice of wall configuration, because the shape of the walls in today’s market is more likely. How to not get confused here? Outwardly, the wall can be very beautiful and functional, but whether it will fit into your interior harmoniously? Consider several useful recommendations.

You need to take into account the shape and size of the room itself. For small rectangular rooms, linear construction is ideal. If the room has the shape of a square and a small itself, then both straight and angular arrangement are suitable here. Well, if your room is large enough, then here you can improvise any form available fantasies. You can even make a P-shaped one (well in such cases, use the living rooms of the headset).

In addition to standard straight walls, there are corner. Their advantage is that they decorate the corners of the rooms with their design, making them more attractive, and also, which is no less important functional. Corner floors and windows also look very elegant. It is installed at the junction of the walls.

It is worth paying attention to the material from which the wall is made. The best material, of course, wood or veneer. However, this is not a cheap pleasure. The best option is the price and quality will be MDF. It has more strong properties, unlike chipboard. Also MDF and more environmentally friendly, in comparison with chipboard containing formaldehyde. And who knows if there is a certificate of safe amount of formaldehyde allocation?