The selection of the drainage system for the home: what to pay attention to

The main protection of the house from water is the drainage system. Everyone hopes that for many years after the construction the house will delight us with an ideal look, but without the correct drainage system it is impossible.

In order for the walls and the foundation of the structure not to be destroyed prematurely, the drainage system must comply with several conditions.

Strength is the first thing to pay attention to.

The elements of the drainage system are tested in the autumn-winter period, therefore, not only the highest strength should not only have the material itself, but the entire structure as a whole.

The strength of the entire structure directly depends on the thermal expansion of the material.

The expansion of the material under the influence of heat very quickly leads the system to the non -working state.

It is obvious that the main factor should be paid to when choosing a material is corrosion resistance.

Protecting the building from water, the drainage system takes on the main blow of the external influence of nature forces – precipitation and temperature change, because the material subject to corrosion will not last you for a long time.

In any climatic zone there are precipitation – rain, fog, in some places snow. Where there is a lot of these precipitation, you need to take the selection of the drainage system seriously, and choose it with a large bandwidth.

Another important factor when choosing a system is its care requirements.

However, if your system provides for certain protective elements from clogging of pipes, then measures for cleaning gutters are usually minimized. But not for good!

No need to ignore and decorative properties.

The exterior is very important, so the drainage structure would not be bad to combine with the entire construction ensemble.

Now we will move specifically to the materials from which various drainage systems are made.