Massive board outside of competition: varieties, features

Our ancestors in their homes laid wooden floors, and a more prosperous population could afford parquet. The board differed in the structure of wood, the size and degree of its processing. Over time, options for covering floors steel more diverse. But the massive board still remains the most popular material. No other coating can compete with what nature itself has done.

Why is the massive board so popular today? The thing is that such a floor is very practical. Natural wood can last at least a hundred years. The main thing is to properly process it and properly care.

Large sizes that are a distinctive feature of any massive board look soundly and impressive. No less good bamboo massive board. It is much lighter than oak, convenient in transportation, and in terms of wear resistance is not inferior to oak boards. But the moisture does not benefit her.

In order to make a massive board, a solid wood of various rocks is needed. It can be oak, maple, ash, exotic trees, for example, Kemas, Merbau, Yatoba, Kumaru. Each of them boasts a magnificent appearance. Their choice directly depends on exactly where the floor will be covered and how it will be used in the future.

A massive board can be made in different caliber. She is a relative of the parquet, while her dimensions are her main advantage. The board can be up to three meters in length, and in width up to a meter. Of course, such a floor will be surprisingly reliable and amazing.

As for the appearance of the cut out of the wood, it is divided into several varieties and determines the status of the final application. For example, as a result of a radial saw, the wood of the highest grade appears.