Aluminum radiators: distinguishing features

Aluminum radiators occupy a leading position in sales of their own. Their position determines a number of their characteristics.

1. First of all, this is the price. Low cost immediately seduces to make a choice in their favor. 2. Appearance. The elegance of aluminum radiators allows you to use them in a variety of types of premises with various interior requirements. They will look wonderful in a simple apartment and in an exquisite cottage. 3. Simplicity of installation. This is a comprehensive quality. It can be distinguished by the small weight of the battery, the simplicity of the sections of the sections, the absence of parallel highways inside the sections. Water flows sequentially from the section to the section, so the angle of inclination of the radiator is not fundamental. 4. High heat transfer. The most important property, t. To. It means high efficiency. As soon as we turn on the system, the water is immediately given to the room, t. To. The heating of the metal does not actually take time.

If you already want to buy them, it is better to immediately read their shortcomings. Aluminum batteries are demanding on water acidity. It is necessary to monitor the range of acidity, which is difficult in modern water supply. They are also prone to gas formation, which inevitably leads to the dumping of the system. However, this problem is solved by competent installation.