Arrangement of attic: how to competently organize

It is a pity that there are so few attic in Russian cities. We either have a attic in a pigeon, or an empty penthouse. Whether the case of the attic is a refuge of poets, artists and just romantics! Residential premises under the roof give any building a unique charm. However, the design of the attic, the repair of ceilings and other finishing work on the attic have their own nuances.

It is impossible to stand in full height in those parts of the attic where the rafter structure of the roof is based on the walls. Therefore, various storage containers or sleeping places are traditionally located here. But the way of isoating the bed from the rest of the space is not quite traditional. The guide is mounted under the ceiling and decorated with wooden panels. Rolsites from an artificial canvas are fixed on the guide, like those that are hung in the windows of offices. The difference is that each “curtain” due to special fasteners can turn 180 degrees. Of course, the fabric is only a visual partition, the soundproofing properties of such a wall are small. But the main source of noise is usually a TV that is installed in such a way that it can be watched both from the sofa and from the bed.

The attorney’s attic design usually provides for the location of the bed right under the attic window. This is a good solution, however, do not forget to close the window for the night or leaving the house. Otherwise, the first more or less severe rain will get a marital bed through and through. Perhaps this is the only minus of the window in the roof.

In the mowed wall of the attic, you can arrange small shelves-vitrins. Such a shelf is made of light perforated metal covered with white enamel. Photos and graphic sheets in the frames in the frames delight the eyes and revive the interior.

In the attic you can easily equip the office. Work will always be in pleasure under the roof itself. Put the table under the window, closer to the light. Small rooms, especially working purposes, show furniture on thin metal legs, with bright or light upholstery, as if soaring in the air. Shelves can be made with frontal limiters and hanging inclined. So that the books do not fall, attach plastic loops to the sidewalls, for which hooks with hooks at the ends. Do not forget to carry out all the plaster work before filling the room with furniture, otherwise it will be difficult to do it later in the attic.

In the attic you can equip a small comfortable kitchen. It is most reasonable to arrange a kitchen front, in particular, a sink right under the available attic windows. Daylight is better to use to the maximum. If there are no windows, then the inclined plane of the ceiling gives certain advantages. Firstly, it can be built into it, then the working countertop will never remain in the shade. Secondly, it is convenient to attach a bar with hooks for household trifles and shelves to the inclined ceiling.