Basic rules in interior design: what to pay attention to

Any interior design style, ranging from modernity to classics, unites a single rule for building living space. The design is based on a person perception of information at an unconscious psychological level. This foundation remains unchanged in any case. On a person, on his emotional state, well -being and mood, surrounding objects have a great influence. A good atmosphere in the house contributes to the rest and charging of energy, a person living in a comfortable atmosphere differs from others, he is more calm, less subject to stress and depression. Ideal can be called the interior that radiates comfort. The atmosphere of comfort consists of many elements, this is the color and situation in general and the objects that we see every day and which we use. It is worth ordering a good quality bedding, and it becomes much more pleasant to sleep and the mood is better in the morning, but imagine if your entire house is filled with objects that will delight you. That is why it is worth approaching the interior of your housing most carefully.   The first rule of the interior is the golden section. The rule of the golden section lies in the absence of clear divisions, the presence of asymmetry and irrationality. The most expressive means in interior design is color and shape. If you skillfully use combinations, you can make the house chic, sophisticated, elegant or ascetic. It is worth starting the repair only when you thought out all the details and all the little things. Since negligence and lost details can nullify, all the forces spent and means. Any trifle is important in the interior, even family laundry, which you choose for the bedroom.