Bath sheathing for lining: how to do it with your own hands

It is difficult to imagine a modern bath without decoration, with bare logs. The interior decoration of the bath, especially the walls of the steam room, is just a necessity. Without it, you cannot count on the durability of the design. Yes, and will not add pleasure when working with a birch broom loss of heat in the steam room. An excellent solution for the side of the bath will be a reliable lining for the bathhouse.

Turnkey bath.

The main task solved when lining the bath is a decrease in the time of heating and a decrease in heat consumption. To achieve the best result, it is necessary to use the tree as low as possible laying foil and insulation under it.

Subject to this rule, you can focus the steam room for a very short period of time, and the firewood will leave very little.

In order to carry out a turnkey bathhouse, a lining is suitable – a strict sheathing board. She is an ideal option for decorating the interior of the saunas, baths. In quality, the lining is divided into various varieties.

The lining is made of a variety of wood material. The most common woods for the production of the lining are pine, linden, aspen. You can use cedar and larch. The volume of manufacture of the lining of these varieties of wood depends on the cost and properties of wood rocks. But of course, the indisputable advantage of this material is its ecological purity, which will not cause any harm to the body, but will bring invaluable benefit.

Turnkey beam baths.

It should be noted that the construction of a bathhouse from the beam implies shrinkage for a year and a half. So it is better to carry out lining with lining after this period, otherwise the wall deformation is possible. The sheathing itself will also not contribute to the correct shrinkage of the log house.

When performing the walls of the bath walls, it should be noted that there are two options for mounting the lining – vertically and horizontally. Horizontal crossbars are not installed in the horizontal variant of the horizontal location. Racks with this location are installed closer to each other. This gives saving both wood and space.

The construction of baths is made of wood processed according to unified technological standards, wood from one batch is used, processing occurs on similar equipment, the same technology is used.