Galvanized welded mesh: what is it where it is used

A galvanized welded grid, a 6×6 mm cell is a felled canvas rolled into a roll with a small size of the cell, made by the methods of contact point welding of wire rods with a small diameter that is only 0, 6 mm. Being flexible, transparent for light, air, sound, etc. P. And, at the same time, a very strong design, a fine -mesh mesh of this type is especially in demand in agriculture and everyday life, where on the basis of these products, decor and cell elements for small animals and birds are made. Also, a net of this type is used as a reinforcing layer in construction. The cost of a visually mesh of this type is a cellular structure of light gray thin steel wire. The specific nature of the use of a galvanized welded grid, the price of which is available for many buyers, although it varies from the manufacturer to the manufacturer, depends on the method of processing the metal structure of zinc. High -quality and reliable is hot zinc, as well as processing this material of the already welded structure. In addition, the cost also depends on the thickness of the protective coating (galvanizing protects thin metal rods from rust and strength loss), which varies within 5-20 mm. The use of a mesh of this type of size in everyday life is often used for household purposes for the construction of greenhouses or greenhouses, where a reinforced or ordinary polyethylene film is pulled on the basis of metal structure. Also in agriculture, a galvanized mesh can be used for the manufacture of supporting elements for bushes or other plants. In landscape design, it forms flower beds of a complex form, where this material is not an obstacle to the development of vegetation. Despite the high demand, the price of the welded grid remains quite affordable, which is due to a considerable number of manufacturers. The use of a fine -handed mesh in construction can be an excellent reinforcing layer for concrete castings of any type, which differs for the better from more traditional large -earned structures. Reinforcing with such a material of sandburner castings or strengthening the plaster layer in facade or internal works allows you to create mechanical obstacles to the development of shrinkage or mechanical cracks in the structure of the frozen layer.