Decorative pool: what is, features

Nevertheless, a small decorative pool can be built somewhere in the corner of the rest even in the smallest site. The mirror of water will decorate the space of the estate, make it more picturesque and attractive. Such a reservoir makes it possible to breed many interesting plants associated with the aquatic environment. Some of them require small water, others – the raw shore and therefore cannot grow on flower beds and beds and, therefore, only on the water will show all the western dignity. A decorative pool creates a special microclimate around it: the air becomes more wet, cool, favorable for plant development. If the pool is arranged within the children’s corner, it can be used as a small pond, delivering a lot of joy to the kids. The place for the water corner should be chosen especially carefully, since the unsuccessfully located pool can ruin the harmony between buildings and plants in the garden for a long time. Dwarf ponds, with an area of ​​about 1 m2, are arranged on a recreation site, within a lawn or flower garden. Different flat containers are used for them: children’s baths made of plastic, barrels sawn in half, tanks, which are buried in the ground, framing the edges with concrete slabs, stones or large pebbles. Then, water plants are placed in small wooden boxes or pots in the pool, and the surrounding bottom is laid out with river pebbles. The pool with a large water surface is most often built near the house so that it is visible from the window or from the terrace. Several options for the construction of such water bodies are known. The simplest of them does not require expensive materials. A dug pits with an overloil shores are thoroughly faced with mint with clay in several layers, 10-15 cm thick each. Before compage the next layer, you need to make sure that the previous one has good dry. Thus reach the total thickness of the bottom and walls of the pool 30-40 cm. The clay edge of the reservoir is laid out 10-15 cm above the water mirror. It is useful to strengthen the outer layer by lifting a dense layer of gravel into it. The final decoration of the inner surface of such a pool consists in adding with small gravel or river sand a layer of 5-8 cm.