Designing fences: how to do it right

Currently, there are many varied raw materials and technologies for the design of fences, and it seems very difficult to single out the desired option from the mass. In each form of hedges, you can find your flaws and advantages, while for your home I want to choose an impeccable option. Options for the construction of wood fences are very popular due to low cost, but such a fence will not go long. Stone fences are tested to protect the inner area, but inferior to other types of hedges in beauty. Forged hedges make it possible to create beautiful masterpieces, but, unfortunately, not everyone is affordable due to incredibly astronomical prices for them. Not everyone likes a metal net fences and may not look sufficiently presented. Combined fences – structures that combine the use of not one, but two or more materials can become a modern alternative. With the help of such a solution, it is possible to diversify the appearance and technical characteristics of the hedge. Such a fence is usually a string of metal columns connected by spans from any material: wood, plastic or forged lattice. Today, the installation of spans on the base lined with uneven stones is very popular. In combination with such material, the squares of an openwork cast iron grate or carved wooden panels “Decap” look amicable. Given the high price of metal forging, it is necessary to try to decorate the hedge of only the facade of the house with a bars, bypassing a simple stone fence on the back. Installation of fences from corrugated board with pillars and the base of brick in combination with plastic panels is now one of the most immune types of such structures. Inexpensive and strong material, corrugated board makes it possible to experiment with a color palette and provides durability. The fence of such materials is very suitable for a private house, a summer cottage on the Volga or to denote the boundaries of various non -residential buildings. In other words, you can combine everything. It is only necessary to clearly understand what kind of fence should look in order to be in harmony and one style with a summer house, responding and the financial capabilities of its builder.