Loggia design in the apartment: how to organize correctly

With the modest size of our city apartments, the loggia in rare cases allow themselves to be used for recreation in the open air. This premises are most often used in a different way. It can be a warehouse of things, a place for storing vegetables, underwear dryer, workshop and much, much more

What can be done so that each family member can have part of the territory on the loggia, which can be used for their own needs.

Given the climatic needs of the country in which we live, the loggia must be insulated without fail.

The most affordable in terms of cost and ease of installation is the insulation material in the form of foam. Sheets to the outer wall are attached with dowels. Then, on top of the insulation, apply plaster, which subsequently must be trapped and painted.

In a cheap version of the design of the loggia, the room can be covered with a screed-self-altitude and covered with linoleum.

In terms of furniture, then on the loggia you can install a cabinet, better than a corner. In it, among other things, you can store a small layout, tools and other little things necessary for repair.

To use the loggia, you can attach dry drying to the ceiling as a dryer and a lash storage facility, on the sena, hooks for storing various things.

The last stroke is the installation of a bench or stools, for pleasant gatherings.