Wall and sexual tiles: comparative characteristics

According to the main purpose, the tile is divided into two types – paving and facing. Porcelain tiles and a kin -related paving stones are designed for laying bridges, sidewalks and garden paths. Finishing tiles are needed for facing walls and flooring in houses and apartments.

Types of tiles by purpose:



Types of facing tiles on the material:

Ceramic (tile);


Application and production

The tile in apartments is used to decorate walls and floors in bathrooms and in kitchens. Sex tiles are also used for floors with the “warm floor” system (infrared, film, water, etc. kinds).

Sexual tile is usually a square shape, since it is easier to put it, while the wall is also rectangular, which gives the walls a large originality.

The tile has two main types – glazed (or smooth) and rough. It is better to put the last one on the floor, since it will be more difficult to slip on it.

Porcelain stoneware is made of ceramics and granite, which gives it additional strength. It can be used for the same purposes as the tile, as well as for the decoration of the facade (facade tiles).

Porcelain tile is made of rubber, concrete, stone (paving stones).

Clinker tiles are used only for decorative wall decoration. Usually it is a panels with a brick pattern.

Special heat -resistant tiles are needed for lining of stoves and fireplaces.

How to put tiles?

When masonry, you need to use a special glue, which in its structure resembles a plaster. Glue is distributed on the surface with a special spatula. In order for the elements to lie down evenly, special crosses are used. After laying, the seams go through the grout, resistant to liquid and fungi.