Dress valve: what is it, the purpose of the material

Valves are divided into a large number of varieties depending on the design and purpose. Two structural groups are distinguished – single -house and two -sized. By purpose, many groups are distinguished, among which reverse, shut -off, cutting off, regulatory, safety, etc. According to design features, electromagnetic solenoid, flange, interflant, ring and other. In the direction of water flow through the valve, corner, passing and direct -flow.

The check valve is necessary to protect from the movement of water in the opposite direction. With its help, water is guaranteed to move in one direction, preventing an unauthorized change in the flow vector. Apply in cases where a change in the direction of the flow can create emergency consequences. The flange check valve was most widespread due to its universality. It has relatively small dimensions, small weight, simple structure and small cost. Therefore, it is used both in commercial water supply systems and in industrial pipelines. Another popular type of check valve is the interflant valve. He is able to withstand large pressure and temperature drops, therefore it is used in different water supply sectors.