Economics of building houses from panels

Economics when using technology using Ecopan panels is due to the following factors: – carrying out construction on light foundations; – the creation of light foundations without the use of heavy earth or lifting equipment, and this significantly reduces the load that falls on the natural landscape, as well as its restoration; – installation of floors and wall panels is performed manually, using 2 – 4 workers to make installation, and this reduces the costs that are necessary when attracting specialized equipment; – The Builders Brigade, consisting of 3-4 people, will easily perform the installation of a house with an area of ​​150-200 square meters for 14 – 20 days, which depends on the number of storeys, as well as the architectural complexity of the project performed. – The design of the docking nodes for the Ship-Paz panels, as well as the assembly, which is performed using installation construction foam, makes it possible to obtain a building that does not require additional thermal insulation or processing of joints; – the use of the magnesium sheet glass (SML) for facing the Ecopan panels makes it possible to increase sound insulation, as well as minimize wet processes during the completion of finishing work; – the roof, which is made of Ecopan panels, will not require additional processing before laying any roofing materials.

Thanks to progressive materials, as well as constructive features, construction, using Ecopan panels, is quite economical.