Glassnia sheets: what are

Glassnia sheet is a completely new material that is used to install partitions, walls, arched structures, wall and ceiling surfaces. Glomagnesium sheets made of wood waste are made. The plate on both sides is agalminized by mineral binding substances and reinforced with fiberglass fabric.

The fabric itself is covered with white powder. New material is environmentally friendly.

It does not contain harmful toxic substances, it has no smell and does not emit toxic substances when heated. Sheets are used to align the floors, walls and in many other types of decoration of both external and external.

When using glass deck sheets, you can not worry about processing the surface, since in this case various types of paints, putty, adhesive can be used. The main advantage of such sheets is that they can calmly withstand open fire, high humidity and temperature changes.

Therefore, the glass -frivolous sheets are becoming more popular every day, and are willingly used by many people to decorate various rooms, including saunas and pools. For installation, it is necessary to purchase special screws, since the material has a high density.